Webinar: Introducing Fastr Frontend for Ecommerce Marketers

Do anything, anywhere on your ecommerce site with Fastr Frontend 

Finally, you can deliver dynamic content experiences using data from across your tech stack, without taking up your development team’s time. Sound too good to be true? Look at what you can do with Fastr Frontend, the first Frontend-as-a-Service built for business users.  

Language and geo content depolyment

Step One:

Decide where you want to engage customers with your experience. You can implement Fastr Frontend experiences anywhere on your site, including:  

  • Homepage
  • Product Detail Pages (PDPs)
  • Category pages
  • Product Listing Pages (PLPs)
  • Landing Pages
  • Blog 
  • Content pages such as History, Education, and Care
  • Decor guides
  • Banners
  • Branded pages 
Language and geo content depolyment
Dynamic frontend content
Dynamic frontend content

Step Two:

Choose the information that will engage your customers the most. Orchestrate siloed data across your tech stack in real-time, like:  

  • Smart product details  
  • Pricing 
  • Inventory availability 
  • Trends & best sellers
  • Promotions & sales
  • Cross platform analytics data
  • Conditional blog content
  • Blog migration
  • Personalization & segments
  • Loyalty information & logged-in state
  • User-generated content & reviews 
Dynamic frontend content
Dynamic frontend content
Design link and launch

Step Three:

Decide what kind of compelling content experience 

  • Custom quick views
  • Smart product carousels
  • Product grids
  • Shop the look
  • Multi-hotspots
  • Quizzes
  • Hover effects
  • Parallax effects
  • Countdown timers
  • One-click add to cart
  • Lucky draw 
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Common Customer Use Cases

1. Rapid testing/updating of Product Detail and Category Pages  

2. Automate products offered on site based on inventory availability, trends, or best-sellers

3. Integrate blog pages into your ecommerce platform with no content migration needed

4. Merchandise blog content in Product Detail Pages (PDPs)

5. Build custom upsell or recommendation quick views and carousels using backend data  

6. Automate price changes and promotions based on pre-set conditions  

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