Creator Customer Onboarding

Initial customer onboarding

Ensuring your first big win with Creator

The Creator Onboarding Process is designed to deliver both immediate and long-term results. Zmags considers this process a success when, at the end of 30 days, you have reached these milestones:

  1. Creator is installed and working seamlessly for your organization
  2. Your users are all platform experts
  3. You are publishing rich content experiences and measuring success
Once these three milestones are complete, you'll graduate into our ongoing account management process.

4 phases of Creator onboarding


zmags creator customer onboarding

What to expect


  • The Zmags snippet is successfully placed and the publishing workflow is defined by all stakeholders, including any agencies/system integrators
  • Integration with ecommerce platform, analytics, custom fonts, and other website functionalities are complete
  • Ability to publish content to the website is confirmed


  • Creator account is fully set up with users, projects, and permissions
  • User training is completed and first content experiences have been created
  • Content templates are created and available to users


  • Users have created and published content to a staging/testing site
  • Content is reviewed and scheduled to publish
  • Go-live date is confirmed


  • Content is confirmed and approved for publishing
  • Analytics are in place for measuring results
  • Content is live! Celebrate!

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