Account Management

Ongoing success and support

Training and customer support, 365 days per year

After your initial customer onboarding, we stick with you to ensure your continued success with rich content. Your account manager and our customer support team work side-by-side, year-round, to help your team get the most out of the Creator platform.

Four ways you'll be supported

What to expect

365 Training and Support

  • Zmags support is available via phone and email and offers hands-on assistance, from case initiation to issue resolution
  • Critical support is available
  • Group or 1-1 training on existing or new features can be scheduled
  • The Creator Community offers access to real-time updates and resources, including guides, video tutorials, and best practices to keep you up-to-date

Creator Health Reviews

  • Quarterly review with your key stakeholders are held to discuss strategy, best practices, and results
  • Continual review, education, and decision-making is available to ensure you are getting the most value from Creator

Use Cases & Best Practices

  • Frequent meetings with your Account Manager are held to discuss best practices, new features, and expanding use cases
  • Frequent webinars and customer newsletters are offered to ensure that you discover new features, how-to tips, and the latest peer examples

Analytics & Campaign Reviews

  • Ongoing review of important KPIs, results, and next steps are held wtih your key internal analytics stakeholders

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