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Customer Story: MacKenzie-Childs

By the numbers

75% increase in engagement
58% increase in time on site
64% increase in site traffic
100% boost in creativity and ability to create

The Challenge

Rigid and limiting templates stifle creativity and hinder brand identity.

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A Restrictive Development Process

MacKenzie-Childs is a world-renowned comprehensive home furnishings brand. Based on tradition with a beautifully unique twist - every item they create is hand-painted and detailed in the most extraordinary ways. Their brand identity needs to reflect the joy in their work and commitment to colorful and charming design. For years, MacKenzie-Childs created stunning merchandized catalogs, however, those carried a high cost and limited reach. Due to this, they strategized a way to develop a more significant digital presence that would drive growth and revenue. 


Without an in-house development team to bring their one-of-a-kind brand to life, they had to rely on expensive third parties. Working with developers proved problematic with both process and time commitment. Moreover, being restricted by regimented and limiting templates stifled their creativity. 


MacKenzie-Childs found that many of the things they were dreaming up in their creative and marketing meetings just weren’t feasible to accomplish. The high cost of outsourcing combined with the amount of time it would take to do something out of the box and engaging while being essential for their branding identity wouldn’t generate a return on investment.

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The Solution

Unlocking creativity and enabling page building in-house with an easy-to-use tool.

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Unleashing The Power of Creativity

MacKenzie-Child’s business goals involved building out a comprehensive content strategy, which Fastr Frontend has enabled them to execute. Before they were only creating content for social media and email, now being able to serve interactive and compelling content on their website has been a game-changer. No longer needing to outsource development meant that their designer could create and publish content in-house. Fastr Frontend allowed them to realize their branding dreams and are now only limited by their imaginations. 


MacKenzie-Childs is now creating campaign pages, homepage designs, banners, and landing pages. In addition, the ability to merchandize products in their own unique way means that they can engage customers with compelling storytelling experiences. With all the areas Fastr Frontend is used on their website, like embedded videos, shoppable content, beauty/lifestyle images, and product carousels, everything is shoppable and interactive. In a Fastr Frontend experience, customers can see a stunning lifestyle image and from that image, add the items they want into their cart, without the need to go looking for them individually on another page. 


For MacKenzie-Childs, one of the most appreciated aspects of Fastr Frontend has been the guidance they received. Anytime they’re making an experience, their Customer Success Manager (CSM) has made herself available at any point when they’ve had any questions or needed additional support. 

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"It’s been easy and efficient and empowering. Because I think that’s a theme of what we’re talking about is that it gives us the ability to make things come to life that we hadn’t before."

Nicolette | Ecommerce Manager

The Results

Increasing engagement and driving conversions through interactive design.


The Unstoppable Power of Branding

One of the most significant results MacKenzie-Childs experienced after implementing Fastr Frontend was an internal change – a new creative drive. The exciting prospect of no longer using limitation as an excuse. As the ecommerce Manager, Nicolette, always felt like she was the black cloud raining on their parade and saying, ‘I’m sorry, that’s a great idea, but we can’t. The development will take too long and it’ll be too expensive.’ But the tune has changed, and now she can say, ‘Hey, we have a way to do it now.’ 


They expected to drive people to spend more time on the website because customers can interact with experiences, but the 75% increase in engagement and 58% increase in time spent on the page exceeded even their highest expectations. With the ever-evolving dynamic and interactive content being created by MacKenzie-Childs, their landing pages designed in Fastr Frontend had the same number of visits as their homepage. As a result, they are now exploring ways to implement Fastr Frontend on their homepage. 


With a developed, well-rounded digital strategy that embodies the company branding from social, email, and their website, MacKenzie-Childs is no longer stuck in the past with printed catalogs but engaging with a much broader customer base online. On last year’s Red, White, & Royal Check landing page an incredible 64% of visitors interacted with the page and went to a product detail page (PDP). We are all looking forward to comparing last year’s Red, White, & Royal Check landing page with the new one being released this year. 

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