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Online shopping has evolved past the standard product grid. Shoppers are hungry for more – they want inspiration, straight from the brands they love. And when customers receive motivational content, brands are rewarded not just with revenue, but loyalty as well. One of the best ways to deliver this sort of inspiration is through shop the look…

Shop The Room With Ethan Allen

Shop The Room to Compete with Amazon

Selling furniture online presents a unique challenge to digital marketers – how to enable customers to experience the products without actually physically seeing or touching them.  Furniture is a risky item to buy online: it’s expensive, often big and can be a fixture in your home for years. A full sectional couch is just too clunky to…

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Why I Keep Thinking About “Shop the Look”

I may go shopping because I need pants. But while I may go into a store with a mission to find pants, I often leave with an entire outfit. There is a science behind why this happens, and it’s the mark of a great merchandising team. If I shop online, however, it’s uncommon that I check out…