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November is introducing various interactive trends

On Trend: Top Interactive Trends of November

  With the holiday season upon us, brands and marketers are struggling to find ways to stand out from their competition. But November is introducing various interactive trends to enhance the customer experience. From AR tarot readings to immersive skincare pop-ups, check out our favorite interactive trends of the month!   Bring Out the Big Brands Coca-Cola’s…

click to brick

Click-to-Brick: The New Homeware Approach

As I am currently having the worst moving experience ever, online homeware shopping is a saving grace. With furniture shopping switching to online experiences, the customers’ hassles are being resolved at the click of a button. Through various new approaches, online homeware stores are creating new approaches to hone and showcase their unique customer shopping experience. Welcome…

Customer loyalty in ecommerce

Customer Loyalty in Ecommerce

According to a survey from Kitewheel, “customer journey use cases that align with customer growth, such as loyalty and cross-sell, are growing exponentially faster (390%) than those focused on customer acquisition (28%) or conversion (119%)”[i] This means prioritizing engagement and customer loyalty is more important than ever for brands interested in long-term sustainable growth. The value of…

Amazon Prime Day 2017 - By The Numbers

Amazon Prime Day 2017: How Are You Celebrating?

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and now – Amazon Prime Day. It is a huge opportunity for the retailer, and in three short years has become a celebrated event. It was estimated that Amazon reached over $525 million in sales last year ( – and that number is only expected to grow. To celebrate Amazon Prime Day 2017,…

Responsive Ecommerce Design for Retail Sites

Responsive Ecommerce Design for Retail Sites

Having a responsive ecommerce website is no longer “optional” for ecommerce retailers – it’s the new, necessary standard in order to be considered a serious ecommerce retailer. Device agnostic content, along with the ease of a single code-base, give retailers with responsive websites a significant advantage as shopping habits shift and device types diversify. Shopping is Increasingly…

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