omnichannel retail

Omnichannel retail and the in-store experience

Omnichannel Retail: In-Store Experiences

When planning omnichannel strategy, it can be easy to think only within the confines of devices – desktop, mobile, tablet. But true omnichannel goes beyond devices, into brick-and-mortar stores. Finding creative ways to incorporate digital experiences into physical locations makes the buying process personal and engaging, both online and offline. Here are three brands doing omnichannel retail…

Mobile Content Strategy Tips For Retailers

Mobile Content Strategy: 4 Key Steps

Why Your Mobile Content Strategy Matters Retailers have only recently begun to give mobile ecommerce its due. With a smart phone in almost every pocket, it is a huge opportunity to get products in front of your customer – in fact, by the end of 2017, mobile will account for 24.4 percent of overall ecommerce revenues[i]. But…

Wayfair's almost shoppable tv show

Wayfair’s New Shoppable TV Show… Almost

Ever watched a home improvement show, laid eyes on the perfect couch, and thought to yourself, “Oh! Where can I find that?” Home décor retailer Wayfair and Lifetime TV have seemingly created a solution: shoppable television. Lifetime’s newest decorating show, The Way Home, exclusively uses products from Wayfair in all of its tutorials and makeovers. See something…

Optimizing shoppable content across devices

Shoppable Content – How Technology Has Shifted Consumer Expectations

The online retail experience used to be fairly straightforward, with a simple grid of product images, menus, a cart or basket, and a checkout. Now, of course, as consumers’ expectations have evolved with the proliferation of smartphones, so too has the online retail experience. New business models enabled by new technologies epitomize a rapidly changing retail scene.…

Content and your mobile-first strategy

Content and the Mobile Shopping Journey

There’s little question that a mobile-first strategy is essential for any retailer that sells online. However, many retailers today are challenged to develop an exceptional mobile shopping experience. Small screens, hundreds of popular devices, many vendors and competing standards mean that mobile shopping is often a lowest common denominator approach, but it doesn’t need to be this…

Holiday retail technology holiday checklist

A Retailer’s Guide: Your 12 Step Technology Checklist for the Holidays

The madness of the holidays is upon us and retailers are feeling more time-crunched than usual as they scramble to deliver exceptional online shopping experiences. As consumers have come to expect seamless omnichannel shopping, it’s even more stressful for marketing & ecommerce teams to deliver winning holiday campaigns. Retailers need to support dozens of different technology requirements…

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