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drunk shopping

The Art of Drunk Shopping

It’s been a long week. You get home, unpack you bag, cook diner, and maybe open a bottle of wine to unwind. You slip into your PJs and – if you’re me – put on some Bravo reality TV. Heck, you may even have one or two more glasses of Chardonnay and open up you Amazon shopping…

New Way of Shopping

The New Way of Shopping

When it comes to the ecommerce industry, the customer journey is a constant topic of discussion. More so, when discussing this customer shopping experience, many marketers and retailers are more focused on how website views are converted to loyal customers – leaving room to question how the customer journey improves when it’s shaped to fit in shoppers’…

Meeting Customers Where They Are

Meeting Your Customers Where They Are. What a Novel Concept :)

  Greg Lord Moltin’s VP of Marketing A novel concept? Meeting customers where they are is such a novel concept, right? Ha! Unfortunately, it’s not novel at all, to be honest, but somehow, it’s a foreign experience for most commerce experiences that we go through as consumers today.   But Why? Why is commerce so hard today,…

Welcome Emails

Welcome Emails: What You Need To Know To Stand Out

Welcome! You’ve got mail. While email marketing may seem simple to the receiver, every marketer knows how hard it is to create a catchy subject line and interesting email body. This is your first direct communication to a customer, and all brands want to make a good first impression. In this blog, we’ll discuss what goes into…

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