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Black Friday Ecommerce Strategies

Recap of 2018 Black Friday Ecommerce Strategies

You thought Black Friday was over. You thought you could relax and focus on the rest of the holiday season. Well, sorry to trigger you but we have the most recent stats from Black Friday 2018. And this year was record-breaking: $3.7 billion on Thanksgiving, $6.2 billion on Black Friday, and $7.9 billion on Cyber Monday. Here…

holiday gift guides

Holiday Gift Guides: Crafting The Holiday Shopping Experience

There’s a reason the holidays are the biggest time of year for ecommerce brands. In 2017, over $106.1 billion was generated in online holiday sales – an incredible 14 percent increase from 2016. Naturally, this trend is expected to continue, with $123.4 billion projected for 2018 online holiday sales. The holiday shopping season will always be the…


Storytelling is Dead. It’s All About Story-Living.

Storytelling has been engrained into our lives. It’s how elaborate romances and thrillers, books and articles have had such drastic impacts on people’s lives. And as “ecommers”, we constantly remind marketers and business people to showcase their content as a story or create a buyer’s journey consisting of a storyline. But as business people, we have to…

time is money

You NEED To Read Our New Ebook – Time Is Money

It’s been estimated that 51% of digital marketers cite a lack of time as their number one barrier to content creation. But 61% of consumers say they are more likely to purchase from a brand that provides creative content. Marketers have to find a way to prioritize content without overwhelming their schedule. In this ebook, we break…


Interactive Content: What You Need To Know

The demand is high for the next best thing in the ecommerce world. Late 2018 and 2019 is going to be all about utilizing shoppable, interactive content. What is this interactive content? It is imagery and media that integrates quick views to keep customers engaged in the digital experience throughout the purchase process. We pulled some quick…

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