SNAP IT, GRAM IT, TWEET IT: Social Media Tips for the Savvy Marketer

We’ve all had writer’s block at one point or another, but creating creative social media posts can be especially tricky. How can I do a play on words? Can I create a trademark daily post? Digital marketers are constantly looking for new ways to instantly grab the attention of customers. Whether its memes buyers can relate to or catchy Instagram captions, these are the minor details that will better your marketing strategy. Here are some social media tips to optimize your brand communications.



With only 280 characters to articulate your message to customers, making sure your message is clear, concise, and creative is challenging. Utilizing language and play-on words is a great strategy for creating a memorable brand image for your company. Adding trending hashtags, mentions, and daily features allows your company to have a playful interaction with your customers. Your media manager can even respond and interact with customers to make them feel special and cared for. Check out some of our customers’ unique tweets:


Creative Tweet by Royal Caribbean


@RoyalCaribbean playfully reminds their followers that they could be on an adventure rather than sitting at a desk behind a computer screen.


Swimsuits for All celebrity endorsement


@Swimsuitforall partnered with supermodel Ashley Graham to promote their new summer swim line. Using celebrity partners attracts followers who are fans of the featured star, allowing you to gain more traction and attention to your product.


daily tweet theme by Dean and Deluca


@DeanAndDeLuca features a daily “Soup’s On” tweet, letting their customers know what kind of soups are featured at each of their locations. Yum!




Instagram is a great platform that allows you to experiment with different content types. By posting videos, boomerangs, photos, and reposts, the variety of content shows your company’s ability to maximize and master the platform. Instagram accounts display your products by combining capturing photography and added selling points in the captions, letting your company create a solid brand strategy. Showcasing your products in action lets your followers put themselves in the model’s shoes.  Check out how some of our Creator users optimized their Instagrams…


Cartier Instagram 

Cartier uses Instagram to share pictures of their Cartier High Jewelry Gala where celebrities modeled the company’s luxury pieces. The company utilized the platform to showcase the gala and offer vibrant pictures followers could like, comment, and repost. This traction is free press and advertising companies should capitalize on.


 First Aid Beauty Instagram

First Aid Beauty does a great job sticking to a brand theme. Their aesthetic is simple and refreshing while using an established color scheme including pink, blue, gray, and white. Notice how each post contains at least one color in the company’s scheme.


Marc Fisher Instagram


Marc Fisher LTD uses Instagram in two ways. First, the platform allows them to catalog their footwear. Secondly, showing not just their shoes but full outfits as well allows for followers and customers to visualize possible outfits. This technique allows followers to see how they can style Marc Fisher footwear with the clothing they already own, leading to followers converting to customers.




While it is the original social media platform, Facebook is still a top contender for online marketing.  In fact, over the years the site has evolved to facilitate the ecommerce industry. Through Facebook Product Ads, your company can target over 1.39 billion monthly active users. Using these product ads gives your brand an opportunity to highlight your products tailored to their newsfeed activity. Facebook uses built-in analytics to help you market and advertise to new customers who are similar to past buyer features.


 Murad Facebook Ad

 Murad’s product ad instantly drives viewers to a sleek original photo of their product. This is a good way to catch people’s attention, advertising your brand, and showing the simplicity around your shopping experience.


 Adidas Facebook Ad


Adidas takes advantage of the carousel format where companies can add up to ten images in a single product ad. This format lets brands tell a story and creates cohesiveness throughout their products.



Flash Sale

Flash Sale: Subscribe to The New Yorker, and get 12 weeks for just $6. Plus a free tote bag.

Posted by The New Yorker on Monday, March 19, 2018


The New Yorker uses animated graphics that play on a loop to creatively advertise their year subscription. Graphically, they use subdued, minimalistic background marble and trendy succulents to highlight the magazines.


These are all great examples of how to engage with your audience but is important to remember to have a clear call to action to persuade customers to navigate to your web page. Remember that an effective social post makes customers stop and think, while a perfect caption seals the deal. With whatever platform you decide to use, your motivation to cross-advertise illustrates your determination to expand not only your marketing skills but also your brand.


Have any great examples of social media post for your business? Let Zmags know in the comments below!