Interactive Content Spotlight Nov 2016

Interactive Content Spotlight: Ted Baker, Tibi, Benefit, + more

1. Benefit – Brow Magic

Interactive content spotlight featuring Benefit


What it is: An interactive media experience of pick-your-style eyebrow transformations with Benefit products

Why we love it: Purchasing cosmetics online presents an interesting challenge – how to show your customers what your products can do, without being able to physically apply it themselves. So experiences like Benefit’s Brow Magic guide offer a creative alternative.  There are two stages to the experience: first, users can scroll through a series of before-and-after images to not only see how multiple eyebrow products can transform their brows, but how the products were applied on different skin tones, face shapes and ages. Still not quite sure which brow product is right for you? Continue through the experience to take an interactive quiz to discover just what’s right for you. It’s a dynamic and customized experience that is true to the brand and fun to explore.

What it’s missing: There’s no way to add a product to your bag without leaving the experience. Customers are taken away from the content to a product page, where they can add the product to their bag. If they try to return to the experience, they are brought back to the beginning, not to where they left off. Quickviews would allow Benefit shoppers to add items to their bag without having to completely leave the experience. This is a surefire way to lose their interest, and upsells at the same time. The experience is gorgeous, so make it easy for them to buy without leaving it.

Check it out:


2. Ted Baker – Mission Impeccable

Interactive content spotlight featuring Ted Baker

What it is: A shoppable video that allows customers to add products to their “vault” as they come on screen

Why we love it: This experience is the epitome of cool, featuring a James Bond-esque shoppable video. The tagline says it all: “Spy it. Click it. Buy it.” As users watch the short film (directed by Guy Ritchie), small plus signs appear on shoppable items, such as a bag or sweater. Simply click the plus sign to add to your vault, which can be accessed after the video ends to explore products in more detail. Click on a person to steal their style, and access their entire outfit. The experience is sleek and true to their brand, and it does more than sells products: it tells an exciting story.

What it’s missing: The video moves faster than the average shopper, so it can be difficult to add items to your vault before they disappear off-screen. If you do manage to snag one, customers are forced to wait until the end of the video to access their “vault.” This is a huge missed opportunity. If a customer selects an item and then immediately wants to add it to their bag, they have to wait several minutes for the video to end, which is more than enough time to lose interest. Adding larger hotspots to add products to the vault and a feature allowing them to view their vault while they watch will discourage drop-outs, and make this experience a home run.



3. Lib Tech – Board DIY Builder

Interactive Content Spotlight featuring Lib Tech

What it is: An interactive experience allowing customers to build and design their own snowboards

Why we love it: Customization experiences have to be extremely intuitive and easy to use to be successful, and Lib Tech’s DIY Board Builder is a great example of just that. A step-by-step process guides the user through the experience, from selecting the board itself all the way through personalizing the design.  The graphics are edgy, and give the experience an immersive, on-brand feel.

What it’s missing: While the process of designing the snowboard is user-friendly, there is a lack of information that could make selecting features difficult for an amateur snowboarder. Don’t know what a rocker is? What about a camber? You might be in trouble. Adding pop-up explanations – or even linking out to a landing page – featuring terminology and product descriptions would make this experience more accessible to everyone, regardless of your skill or knowledge level.

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4. Tibi – Tibi On The Street

Interactive Content Spotlight featuring Tibi

What it is: A shop-the-look experience featuring user-generated content from customers

Why we love it: Tibi caters to a target audience that is fashion-forward and highly aware of the latest trends, so being able to style their unique and distinctive clothes is a must. That’s why we love this experience, featuring shop-the-look images and user generated content. Using street style images, Tibi puts together full outfits to inspire customers. Want to see how real customers are wearing it? The experience features selections from their Instagram as well.

What it’s missing: User generated content is huge right now – it offers inspiration while allowing customers to see how the clothes look on a real person, in real life. Featuring the Instagram posts more prominently in the experience will make it more immersive for their users. And making them shoppable would bring this experience over the top.

Check it out:


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