building ecommerce sales with engagement

Five Steps to Build E-Commerce Sales: How to Link Engagement to Revenue

Consumers spend more and more time online, yet they give that time to fewer and fewer websites.

Some 55% of people online use only two or three trusted sites for their content discovery and purchasing, according to research by digital agency Carat, which also found that 41% of people feel overwhelmed by the wealth of choices on the Web, making it hard for them to make purchase decisions. The way consumers use the Web has also changed dramatically. We no longer book out some Internet time with a computer. Rather, we browse spontaneously while waiting for the bus, watching TV, and checking prices in-store—across an array of devices.

Marketers need to engage consumers where those consumers congregate online, but in a world of glimpses and instant gratification, getting customers to engage is harder than it has ever been. Yet, much of the buyer’s journey is now done digitally, and engagement is likely to happen over several digital touchpoints.

This article was first published on on February 23, 2016. Read the full article here.

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