drunk shopping

The Art of Drunk Shopping

It’s been a long week. You get home, unpack you bag, cook diner, and maybe open a bottle of wine to unwind. You slip into your PJs and – if you’re me – put on some Bravo reality TV. Heck, you may even have one or two more glasses of Chardonnay and open up you Amazon shopping cart. The next thing you know, “Drunk You” bought “Sober You” a space cat shower curtain (it’s a thing). The Hustle conducted a survey of more than 2,000 alcohol-consuming American adults and found that drunk shopping is an estimated $45B per year industry.

If you fall victim to drunk shopping you’re not alone. Of the 2,000 correspondents who consume alcohol in the study, 79% of all alcohol-consuming respondents have made at least one drunken purchase in their lifetime.


So what alcohol is responsible for this habit? Survey says that 37% or respondents blame liquor (whiskey, vodka, and gin lead the pack). And, on average, people drop about $444 per year on drunk purchases. That means four hundred and forty-four dollars are spent on anything from life-size cut-outs of Justin Bieber to 30 pounds of potatoes.


The Hustle delved further into their survey demographic and revealed the professions that spend the most/least on drunk shopping:

Professions Drunk Shopping

The Hustle explains, “the fashionistas who responded to our survey reported buying all kinds of questionable things, ranging from $500 dress shoes to ‘a two-person sweatshirt that has Santa sitting on a toilet.’ There is also a tinge of irony in retail ($294 per year) bottoming out the list, considering they’re the master peddlers of drunk purchases.”


Interestingly enough, only 20% of people return drunk buys. Maybe it’s because they can find the humor in their mishaps, or maybe it’s because the secretly wanted to learn the bagpipes.