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video marketing

You NEED To Start Video Marketing

You *clap* need *clap* to *clap* start *clap* recording *clap* *clap* *clap* Listen, 48% of millennial watch videos only on their mobile device. Video marketing is a thing now. Us, Gen Xers consume it all from Facebook or Instagram Live to a Snapchat or Instagram story (who doesn’t enjoy aesthetically pleasing pictures?)   Who Would Have Thought…


So, You Want to Stand Out From Competition?  

(Healthy) competition is necessary for a business to grow and expand. And we get it, not everyone enjoys competition. So, what happens when five other companies are selling similar products to yours? New customers are crucial for rising your company above the rest. There are various ways to go about this. From creating pop-ups to SEO, figuring…

Spooky Season: The Ecommerce Holiday to Watch

  Just for good measure, it’s October 3rd also known as the Mean Girls national holiday. Happy Birthday, Aaron Samuels. You are a national treasure.   But this isn’t the ecommerce holiday I’m talking about. I’m talking about Halloween. With spooky season running through the month of October, this holiday is a major selling opportunity to get…

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