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video marketing

You NEED To Start Video Marketing

You *clap* need *clap* to *clap* start *clap* recording *clap* *clap* *clap* Listen, 48% of millennial watch videos only on their mobile device. Video marketing is a thing now. Us, Gen Xers consume it all from Facebook or Instagram Live to a Snapchat or Instagram story (who doesn’t enjoy aesthetically pleasing pictures?)   Who Would Have Thought…

nyfw social media

NYFW Social Media Statistics

New York Fashion Week came and went but the social tags and topics are forever. If you are a retailer you know how important it is to use fashion industry events for your campaigns. More so, social media marketing can increase your impressions and reach. We rounded up the top New York Fashion Week NYFW social media…


Interactive Content: What You Need To Know

The demand is high for the next best thing in the ecommerce world. Late 2018 and 2019 is going to be all about utilizing shoppable, interactive content. What is this interactive content? It is imagery and media that integrates quick views to keep customers engaged in the digital experience throughout the purchase process. We pulled some quick…

Personalization: What you need to know

Personalization: Customizing The Shopping Experience

Personalization is a word that’s bandied around constantly in the marketing and ecommerce industry. From webinars, to twitter hashtags, to blog posts (including this one), it’s a buzzword marketers can’t seem to get away from. Often, personalization is touted as “the future of retail,” or “the difference between revenue winners and losers.” But personalization itself is a…

Improve user experience through content

Improve User Experience Through Rich Content

Delivering an elevated and contextual user experience is at the top of every digital marketers’ to-do list. In fact, Forrester Research estimates that a well-designed UX could improve conversion rates by up to 200%[i]. But it’s not just conversions that improve when user experience is prioritized; when marketers improve user experience, bounce rates go down, while time…

Content marketing mistakes

Content Marketing Mistakes (And Their Solutions)

There’s a reason America’s Funniest Home Videos has been on air for almost 30 years; seeing someone else fail in various ridiculous ways is just funny. But a video of someone spectacularly slipping off a skateboard is only funny if you weren’t the person on the skateboard. The same theory applies to digital marketing mistakes and blunders; it’s…

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