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What Do People Use the Tablet For?

Tablets have become the fourth dominant digital touchpoint, after TV, the PC and the smart phone. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t big players in the ecommerce space.

ComScore’s TabLens service provides valuable research on the most popular activities on the tablet, or the common activities for which users use tablets. Among all tablet users:

What Do People Use the Tablet For? | Zmags

* 70% use the device to play games
* 66% use the device to access social media, with 33% doing so on a daily basis
* 50% use the device to listen to music and watch video or TV content. Almost 10% do so daily and about 19% do so at least once a week. One out of every four tablet users pay to watch videos.
* 44% use the device to access bank accounts. 36% use the device to access credit cards
* 39% use the device to purchase physical goods. Among the top merchandise purchased, clothing and accessories top the list, followed by books and tickets.

The popularity of the activities done on the tablet also varies by age. A March 2012 survey by Adobe reveals that playing games remains the most popular activity for users under 50 years of age. For young tablet users in the age group of 18 to 29, the next in list of most popular activities are shopping, reading books and email. In the age group of 30 to 49, this reverses, with email jumping to second in the list, followed by reading books and shopping. For tablet owners above 50 years of age, email jumps to being the most common activity, dislodging games.

Even if games are one of the most popular activities on tablets, shopping closely follows in two very important age groups. Are you creating an enjoyable shopping experience for your tablet users?


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