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The Video Advantage in eCommerce

As the Back to School season fades, and the Fall product lines are rolled out while the peak Holiday season lays waiting in the wings, it is important to examine the role of video in eCommerce and brand engagement. Every brand has videos somewhere on its site and on its YouTube channel, but the presence of videos alone no longer suffices. Implementing video into the discovery and purchase process can bolster engagement and conversions.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be priceless. Embedding a video along the purchase path engages the user and illustrates product benefits in ways that text and images cannot. Product specifications may highlight the product, but engaging video content will exemplify the inherent value of the product to the customer. It is therefore important to integrate video anywhere where eCommerce takes place: on site, digital catalog, and tablet and/or mobile format.


Video Inspiration


A recent study done by Google and Compete on the electronics industry, specifically TVs, highlighted the effectiveness of video when employed along the research and decision processes. A panel of U.S. consumers who researched tech products online within the previous 6 months completed an online survey. Some of the key findings included:

  • After watching tech product videos, 72% looked up a store’s location on their mobile phone and 57% researched and shopped on mobile device while in retail store.
  • 63% of viewers said videos were useful in the purchase process and 61% visited a store as a result of watching.
  • 49% of TV shoppers aren’t aware that TV product videos exist online, but would watch if they come across them in the research process.
  • After viewing TV videos, 70% learn more about specific TVs

Access the full report here.

The report offers a number of action items and takeaways based on the findings, all of them related to implementing more product video and purchase-oriented video. These videos need to be easily found, and the survey shows that shoppers will do their research on a variety of screens and touch points. The mobile trends for viewing videos and performing research will only increase in the future. In order to cater to consumers that crave more engaging content on a variety of channels, it is important to implement video that directly supports eCommerce.


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