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Infographic: How We Consume Content From Brands

In the digital ages, the general population consumes content from many different sources, including blogs, whitepapers, webinars, podcasts, and so on. But how do people really consume this content?

Based on research we conducted, we found that 70% of US online consumers listen to the opinions published on blogs, reviews and discussion forums, and 32% of the people who listen to these opinions, trust those reviews over branded advertisements. But we’ve also found that device plays a big role in how people consume content; specifically, 63% of people use smart phones while they are in a store and 56% do product research. Are you mobile sites optimized for the best experience for your customer?

While this is only some of the data, we compiled an infographic that really tells that story of how people consume data from brands. What surprises you? What confirms what you already know?

Zmags How We Consume Content From Brands Infographic



How to Net “Generation C”

Marketers cannot afford to ignore “Generation C,” the group of customers who remain connected 24×7 through multiple devices. This group transacts, browses and shares all the time regardless of whether they are at home, at work or in transit, through devices such as tablets, smart phones and the traditional desktop. These multi-channel buyers spend 4-5 times more than the average customer, making them too valuable.

Checking reviews on mobile phone while shoppingVery often, the “Generation C” syncs buying with their normal routine. For instance, a person may browse a catalog on her tablet when having her morning coffee and seeing a blender in the catalog remember that she needs one. At work, she may search for more information on the type of blender to buy at the store that was displayed in the catalog. On the way back from work, she may enter a store, use her smart phone to compare the prices and specs on the online store versus what is on offer at the store, before making the purchase.

So what is the role of marketer in such a customer-driven stream of events?

Marketers have to use multiple touch points rather than rely on a single channel alone. Two out of every three customers research online even if they purchase offline. Sending an automated follow up email when the customer shows interest in the catalog improves visibility. The customer may not access the email through the tablet but would most likely do so at work. Targeted ads that place an ad when the customer logs in through a social network account also deliver the same impact. A timely reminder with a convenient click to access the product page would prevent the customer from making a general search on blenders and landing at the competitor’s website.

Generation C lives on, and breathes, peer reviews. Empirical evidence suggests that they believe in peer reviews over marketing efforts by a ratio of 3:1. The customer would most likely share details of the purchase in the social media. The marketer has to be prompt in requesting a product review, or invite the customer to join the product page in the social media channel. The prospect contemplating the purchase would most likely consider the experiences of her friends before proceeding to buy.

Are you promoting an experience online that encourages customers to buy? Are you getting positive reviews?