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How the Tablet’s Popularity is Benefitting Brands

26.6 million tablets were sold in 2011 in the US alone, and almost one in every five US adults now have access to a tablet or an e-reader. Forrester Research has revised its estimate of the total number of tablets at play by 2015 to 105.1, up 28 percent from the initially estimated 86.1 million.

E-Commerce Shopping on TabletThe 2011 mystery shopping review conducted by the e-tailing group reveals that brands have taken note of this fact and have started rolling out catalogs that cater to the mobile audience. 78 percent of the websites surveyed had m-commerce presence, which is a significant rise from the 44 percent in 2010 (Q3). This seems to be paying off as more than 40 percent of the merchants now have more than 5 percent of their traffic coming from mobile sources. The traffic from mobile sources can get as high as 20 percent in many categories for some merchants. But revenue from mobile digital points have not yet seen a corresponding increase.

The 2011 e-tailing group-Oracle Connected Customer Survey reveals that imagery plays a key role in success of a digital content. 74 percent of the respondents valued quality of the image, 69 percent of the respondents valued the ability to see products in color choice, 64 percent valued the ability to see alternate views of the product, 63 percent valued zoom controls, 53 percent valued peer ratings and reviews, and 51 percent valued product comparisons.

People adopt the tablet primarily for convenience. The tablet performs the dual role of being a convenient browser and an easy and instant transaction tool. Tablets facilitate a discovery oriented shopping experience and catalogs that leverage such possibility and offer an interactive experience will succeed.

Do you have a tablet-optimized experience? How are you using it to increase conversions?

Infographic: How We Consume Content From Brands

In the digital ages, the general population consumes content from many different sources, including blogs, whitepapers, webinars, podcasts, and so on. But how do people really consume this content?

Based on research we conducted, we found that 70% of US online consumers listen to the opinions published on blogs, reviews and discussion forums, and 32% of the people who listen to these opinions, trust those reviews over branded advertisements. But we’ve also found that device plays a big role in how people consume content; specifically, 63% of people use smart phones while they are in a store and 56% do product research. Are you mobile sites optimized for the best experience for your customer?

While this is only some of the data, we compiled an infographic that really tells that story of how people consume data from brands. What surprises you? What confirms what you already know?

Zmags How We Consume Content From Brands Infographic