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Tablets Set to Overtake the Smart Phone as the Dominant Mobile Touch Point

An August 2012 Abode Digital Index study “How Tablets are Catalyzing Brand Website Engagement” reveals that web traffic through the tablet is to overtake web traffic through the smart phone by early 2013. On an average, one tablet would generate as many website visits as four smartphones would.

Tablet versus smart phoneThe share of website traffic from tablets was one percent when the iPad was launched two years ago. This figure grew to 4.3 percent last year, a growth rate of 330 percent. What is more, trends indicate that this growth rate is sustainable in the near future, with total web traffic through tablets poised to touch 10 percent by 2014.

This however does not indicate that smartphones are on the way out. Web traffic through smartphones also continue to grow, only that smart phone always had and would continue to have a far subdued growth. During the first two years when the iPhone made its entry, the total web traffic from smart phones was just 0.4 percent. Tablet traffic has grown ten times faster than smart phone traffic, and has now reached the point where it is all set to jump ahead.

In a way, by providing touch and apps, tablets offer the best of both worlds: the large screen and near PC like experience combined with the portability and enhanced touch functionality of the mobile phones. Smart phones still hold on to their own owing despite an inferior browsing experience versus tablets, owing to a higher penetration rate and increased mobility.

Brands would do well to assess how the surge of tablets would impact their business models and engagement strategies. A course correction by infusing digital content such as online catalogs and revamping their online marketing strategy to deliver more interactive content could be two possible ways of exploiting this trend to their advantage.

How does this change your business? What are your thoughts?


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