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Tablets Power Newspaper and Magazine Readership

Print magazines and newspapers, while providing static and non-interactive content, still hold ground over the more interactive and dynamic content provided by desktop browsers due to its mobility and reading ease. The tablet, however, is set to change that.

Reading news and digital publications on tablet

Latest research by ComScore spread between July and August 2012 reveals that almost two out of every five US tablet owners use tablets to read the digital version of print magazines and newspapers. 11.5 percent of people read newspapers daily, an equal percentage of respondents did so weekly and 37 percent did so at least once a month. 9.7 percent of the people used the tablet to read print magazines or periodicals daily, 13.3 percent of the people did so at least once a week and 39.6 percent of the people did so at least once a month. There was no significant difference in these stats across age or demographics, which is probably an indication that tablets, initially a device of the youth, is now becoming popular across the board.

Overall, tablets drive 7 percent of the total page views of newspapers.

The popularity of tablets as a medium to access news and information from traditional print newspapers and magazine sources underscores the ability of the tablets to deliver the best of both worlds. Tablets have the ability to replicate the way people are accustomed to receive news and information through the print medium while at the same time incorporate the advantages of dynamic content, interactivity and ability to customize provided by the digital medium.

How can you use digital publications to increase your readership?


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