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Recap of MITX Mobile Summit: mobile trends & dependencies

Yesterday, several of us from the Zmags team attended MITX’s Mobile Marketing Summit, The Great Mobile Migration, at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.

What a great event!  We made many new connections and returned to the office feeling much smarter about the future of mobile marketing and its challenges ahead.

Zmags and PartyLite at the MITX Mobile Summit
Zmags and PartyLite at the MITX Mobile Summit

Ironically, I had forgotten my iPhone at home in a rush that morning, so was feeling very disconnected all day– a strange contrast that reinforced how dependent society (ok, how dependent I!) have become on smartphones.  I yearned for my phone on multiple occasions:

1.  Had my co-presenter, Joan from PartyLite, arrived?  Where should we meet to prep for our speaking session on “Why Tablets Will Outpace Smartphones:  Trends And Tips To Optimize Every Customer Interaction”?

2. It was a gorgeous spring day, and everyone enjoyed having lunch outside on the rooftop garden.  I found myself wanting to know the exact temperature, but resisted the urge to ask someone else to check for me…

Earlier in the day, Cameron Clayton, President of the Digital Division for, shared an interesting stat:   that the Weather Channel is the #2 site/app checked on mobile, only coming in behind Facebook (beating out Google).  I believe it.

3.  Wanted to see and download the Dunkin’ Donuts mobile app during a great session led by Dave Tryder, DD’s Director of Digital Strategy.  It sounds like they’ve made the app extremely functional, with store locators, mobile payment capabilities and even digital gifting through the app.

A few speakers (including myself) talked about mobile commerce as an emerging trend that we’ll continue to see more of.  Right now, this has taken off more quickly on tablets vs. on smartphones.   However, well-designed apps that allow shoppers to easily browse and add items to their carts — even while offline! — should help make transacting easier on smartphones as well.

What activities are you and your target segments doing most on mobile devices?  Where do you think things are heading?


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