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A Zmag is an online catalog, lookbook, brochure, magazine, or interactive publication, powered by the richness and convenience of today’s digital media. A true, exciting expression of your brand across every digital channel that engages shoppers and consumers.



Easily build a Zmag on your own with our self-service tools, or get help from a Zmags specialist.


Sell directly from your Zmag—without redirection to a cart page.

Zmags are built in HTML5 to give you consistent ecommerce functionality across the web, social channels, tablets, and smartphones. Enable your customers to add items to their cart without interruption or redirection to a secondary cart page.

Mobile & Tablet Optimization

Engage your customers wherever they are.

Create just one Zmag powered by HTML5, and enable customers to shop online from anywhere on smartphones and tablets.

Social Integration

Integration with Facebook, Pinterest, and more.

Feature your Zmag in virtually any of your social channels, and allow your customers to browse, purchase, like, and share items directly from your Facebook page, Pinterest page, and more.



Design and publish your Zmag seamlessly across tablets, mobile, social, and web channels—without the need for technical resources or support.

Get on Board

Comprehensive instruction and support.

Hit the ground running with our 90-day Customer Success Program to help you optimize the management, design, and performance of your Zmag.

Add Your Content

Use what you have, or add something new.

Upload virtually any of your existing content and rich media to your Zmag, including editorial, images, audio, and videos.

Manage It

Simple management & admin from the cloud.

Easily build and maintain all of your Zmags, and make real-time changes and updates from one intuitive, cloud-based platform.



Share your Zmag anywhere, and analyze its performance across all digital channels.

Cross-channel Integration

A digital publishing platform that works everywhere.

Feature your Zmag on your website, social pages, smartphones, and all HTML5 compatible channels.


Deep insights on performance & user behavior.

In-publication analytics allow you to track your Zmag’s traffic levels, visits by device, click-throughs, bounce rates, conversions, and transactions, while integrating with major web analytics platforms.


Update and refine with ease.

Leverage the insights you gather from analytics to make informed adjustments in real-time from your cloud-based admin platform, without any interruption to your active Zmag.


Engage customers. Inspire commerce.
And start delivering true expressions of your brand.

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