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How to Entice Customers to Buy More

How many times have you entered a store to buy one thing and purchased a ton of other things instead? This is a common experience for most shoppers, and in fact the very success of many stores depends on such impulsive buying. Online stores are no different from brick and mortar stores in this regard.

Traditional supermarkets entice people to make the impulsive buy by inducing the shopper to remain in the store longer, force the customer to look at more and more items by clever planning and placement, and attract the customer with color and display and other similar tactics. These tactics work well with online stores as well.

Enticing Customers to Buy More in Digital Catalogs

The online marketer can:

  • Encourage more browsing by creating a linear experience so that the shopper lingers in the e-store. Digital catalogs works better than traditional e-commerce websites to provide this experience. Digital catalogs create an experience from start to finish, allowing the marketer to draw the reader through a story and make a presentation in a logical way.
  • Encourage customers to navigate around by providing links and enticing them with offers and special deals. The more products the customers see or the more pages they visit, the more they are likely to purchase.
  • Don’t go overboard. Too much information can be confusing. For instance, 40 pages is optimal size for a catalog and 80 the maximum. A longer catalogue leads to customers dropping off.
  • Be clear. If a tag indicates the shopper is at stage 2 of 4 of the shopping process, most shoppers will want to complete 4 of 4. A shopper at stage 3 of 4 of the shopping process but confused as to where she actually is may simply abandon the shopping cart.

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