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Digital Catalog/Magazine Benchmark Webinar Recap

Yesterday I led a webinar highlighting key findings from our first Zmags Quarterly Digital Catalog/Magazine Benchmark Report.  (That is a mouthful.  ZQDCMBR?  Not much better!)

zmags-ebookFor anyone interested who was unable to make it, not to worry!  You can still watch the webinar recording anytime.

This new quarterly research study defines digital publication benchmark performance on key metrics.  To stay within my allotted hour, the webinar  focused  primarily on the retail/ecommerce and apparel/fashion industries.  Key points covered in the session included:

1. Online catalogs and magazines are gaining traction with consumers, and mobile traffic to these publications is on the rise — exceeding over 1 in 5 visits to Zmags in 2012

2. Retailers with online catalogs see much higher conversion rates among this segment of shoppers.  In Q4 2012, the average ecommerce conversion rate for digital catalog viewers was 173% higher than website visits that didn’t include the experience.

3. Apparel/fashion digital catalogs performed even better on key metrics than other retail categories.  During the holidays though, competition for these consumers’ time is even stronger than during the rest of the year–so brands need to be creative in order to stand out.


The event had solid attendance and some great questions were asked at the end.  Two worth sharing:

1.  Is it possible to measure the impact of digital publications on in-store traffic?

Yes!  There are a few ways this can be done in Zmags:

a. Include links to your store locator page in your online catalog.  The number of clicks on these links and CTR are indications of the interest in seeing and feeling products in stores that your catalogs are generating.

b. Feature unique codes (discounts, QR), coupons or even products that can only be redeemed in stores.  Calculate total redemptions as a percent of Zmags visits to measure influence and success.  (Then, on shoppers’ receipts, feature a link to your newest online catalog in order to repeat the cycle!)

2.  Where can I find out more information about the benchmarks in my industry, which is automotive?

These and other detailed results are available in our exclusive whitepaper. To see how Zmags performance varies by industry, see page 9 — which includes key metrics broken down by travel, auto, food and beverage, publishing/media, and more.


Looking ahead, it’s already time to start analyzing the Q1 data!  Our full webinar series schedule can be found here; check back soon to sign up for the Q1 2013 Benchmark webinar!



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