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Demographics and Habits of the Tablet User

To say mobile commerce is growing is a big understatement. Gross sales have already touched $5 billion and the figure is expected to reach a whopping $31 billion by 2016.

Demographics and Habits of a Tablet User | Zmags

Such a massive surge in popularity is fuelled by the young generation. 51% of all people in age group of 18-34 have made at least one purchase using the tablet or smart phone whereas only 18% of people in the age group of 55 to 64 have done so.

There are notable difference in the buying habits of men and women as well. A typical male mobile shopper would spend $677 on average whereas a typical female mobile shopper spends $489 on average. Men tend to prefer smart phones while women prefer tablets. 59% of men used the smart phone to make a purchase whereas only 54% of women used the smart phone to make a purchase. In contrast, 77% of women shop through tablets compared to 74% of men.

An overwhelming 76% of people shopped for digital content. The next popular mcommerce area is clothing, with 38% of tablet and smart phone users shopping for clothes. Shopping for activities (34%), electronics (33%), health and beauty (31%), groceries (27%), furniture (23%) and tickets (21%) follow as the most popular mcommerce categories.

The per capita monthly sales remain modest as of now. 32% of all mcommerce shoppers spend less than $20 a month. 12% spend between $20 and $40, 16% spend between $40 and $60 and 10% spend more than $60 a month.

Which means mcommerce has only one way to go – up!


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