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Delivering a Brand Experience that Drives Revenue Using Online Content is Easy

Building a brand that is unique, consistent and powerful across all channels and at every point of engagement is imperative to your customer experience as well as your company strategy.

Delivering that brand representation online often requires a suite of web assets that provide the same look and feel online as if you are in store or interacting directly with the brand offline.

At Zmags, we recognize how powerful these web assets are. The release of our Commerce solution opens up the possibilities of bringing those directly to your online publication.

An online magazine, catalog, lookbook or other publication is an engaging linear way to drive consumers though an interactive shopping experience that can leverage your rich media assets and commerce suite.  If a consumer knows what they want, they will ultimately use Google to find the product and buy it.  That’s not shopping, it’s buying.  Your shoppers want to feel like they are interacting directly with your brand as they seek for ideas and inspiration.  That branded experience that your consumers know, love and believe in is what then encourages purchase.

The Zmags Commerce Advantage

Your website will already have the vehicles to drive those conversions that occur when a customer knows what they want.  An online Publication or Catalog is the vehicle to drive your “shoppers” through an experience to inspire purchase and it’s at this point you want to bring your commerce infrastructure to the forefront for transaction.  A branded journey, from click to conversion.

Hello Zmags Commerce.  Using either Zmags Plugins or new ecommerce platform integrations, Zmags enables existing ecommerce functionality to be layered onto your online catalog – ensuring shopping carts can be filled and customers can continue to shop. Shopping behavior translates from in-store to the online catalog: a shopper will walk around the store selection items, making sure he/she has seen everything to make the best available purchase decisions.


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Zmags is a self-service platform that is designed integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure.  Zmags Commerce layers can be married with other powerful rich media assets to drive a fluid shopping experience that delivers true ROI.

In essence, your Zmags-driven online content is “talking” happily to your web infrastructure, so when a customer clicks on a product in your Publication it calls up the product information from your website.  This seamless integration utilizes the quick view and product information you have already designed to be in-line with your brand.   You can add clear call to actions, product videos and other rich media to entice and encourage clicks and embed the Zmags content directly into your site.  Being a self-service tool, it’s quick and easy to build commerce-enabled online catalogs and requires no development, coding or anything “tech-y”.  As our product evolves, additional features become available and as your product views or information changes it is automatically represented across all online content (past, present or future).

I can write with confidence that Zmags have both the product and the service team available to ensure success with the new Zmags Commerce solution.


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