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Tablets Power Newspaper and Magazine Readership

Print magazines and newspapers, while providing static and non-interactive content, still hold ground over the more interactive and dynamic content provided by desktop browsers due to its mobility and reading ease. The tablet, however, is set to change that.

Reading news and digital publications on tabletLatest research by ComScore spread between July and August 2012 reveals that almost two out of every five US tablet owners use tablets to read the digital version of print magazines and newspapers. 11.5 percent of people read newspapers daily, an equal percentage of respondents did so weekly and 37 percent did so at least once a month. 9.7 percent of the people used the tablet to read print magazines or periodicals daily, 13.3 percent of the people did so at least once a week and 39.6 percent of the people did so at least once a month. There was no significant difference in these stats across age or demographics, which is probably an indication that tablets, initially a device of the youth, is now becoming popular across the board.

Overall, tablets drive 7 percent of the total page views of newspapers.

The popularity of tablets as a medium to access news and information from traditional print newspapers and magazine sources underscores the ability of the tablets to deliver the best of both worlds. Tablets have the ability to replicate the way people are accustomed to receive news and information through the print medium while at the same time incorporate the advantages of dynamic content, interactivity and ability to customize provided by the digital medium.

How can you use digital publications to increase your readership?

Digital Catalogs: A Perfect Fit for Luxury Retailers

With tablets and smart phones steadily increasing in popularity, the multiple digital touch point world is here to stay. Brands trying to woo an increasingly tech savvy customer base must indulge in a host of innovative digital marketing strategies.

Publishing online magazines and digital catalogs lead the list of strategies aimed at wooing the digital consumer. Publishing this type of content provides multiple benefits for the high end retailer. It not only provides immediate ecommerce benefits, but also ensures the development of the brand in the long term.

* Attractive content increases brand visibility. The brand remains in the mind of the viewer even if they do not make an immediate purchase.

* Such content creates an excitement centered on the brand. It creates a positive buzz that helps marketers to engage prospects and customers better

Many high end luxury brands have used Zmags to produce attractive product catalogs and other rich digital content to such ends.

Kenneth Cole has released a simple yet powerful catalog that allows the viewer to get a realistic feel of the product and simply click on the required product in its natural setting to make a purchase. The catalog entices the viewer with sleek and attractive images to create a favorable impression that lingers. It solicits the viewers email, promising a special offer, both increasing the chances of conversion and generating new leads for the marketer.

Neiman Marcus has transformed its traditional look into an exciting virtual shopping experience. While it retains the usual easy to use features such as ability to make a purchase with a single click and attractive images, it also adds premium features such as the ability to zoom into any portion of the page for a richer and detailed view. An innovative layout offers a view of related products in the same page without taking the focus off the product showcased.

Neiman Marcus catalog by Zmags

How can you use Zmags for your digital brands to increase conversions?

Infographic: What Mobile Explosion Means for News

We stumbled upon this awesome infographic by Pew Research Center and The Economist Group shared by ReadWriteWeb, discussing the changing behaviors of consumers, activities related to news, and what it means for revenue. The study shows that 53% of people are regularly accessing news on their smartphones and 57% are accessing news on their tablets. Furthermore, 33% have added new subscriptions with digital access since getting a tablet and 27% says digital subscriptions replace print subscriptions, leading to more revenue being put into that medium.

Based on this data, it is imperative for news sources to have seamless digital experiences across all devices. The goal is to lead to customer retention, and without an easy to use experience, news readers will go elsewhere. For more details on the changing behaviors related to news and mobile devices, check out the infographic below.


The New Musician’s Friend Interactive Digital Catalog Strikes a Chord With Customers

Zmags has launched a new digital interactive catalog for Musician’s Friend, a seller of premium guitars. This catalog has all the features of a great catalog and allows Musician’s Friend to “strike a chord” with its customers.

The major highlights of this catalog are:

  • The ability to zoom in and view the product up close
  • A new 360 degree view, with the ability to spin the product even when zoomed in
  • A footer that lists recently viewed gear to navigate easily, and to compare products
  • A pop-up window that previews upcoming pages
  • Ability to click and open a pop-up window for the product description, and add the product to the cart, without disturbing the catalogue. Alternatively, it also allows the click to open the ecommerce website with the product page, while keeping the catalogue intact in another window
  • Features such as “Certificate of Authority” and Guitar History available as pull outs
  • Options to hear the music of the guitar, download wallpaper, and more
Musician's Friend Interactive Digital Catalog

The increasing popularity of tablets has etailers scurrying to set up digital catalogs. Digital catalogs leverage the rich media capabilities of the tablet and other digital touch points to deliver an enchanting and interactive experience, much more than what ordinary catalogues can deliver. The in-built ecommerce capabilities allow the marketer to entice a customer and convert them on the spot.