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It’s been said that technology is best when it gets out of the way. That’s one of the main reasons why, no matter how powerful and feature-packed we make Zmags’ Prism Publicator, it has to […]

As the consumer’s path to purchase continues to evolve, brands must develop new strategies to speak to their customers at every touchpoint. Today’s consumer is fickle—difficult to track, and even more difficult to predict, as […]

It’s that time of year again – the time when men scurry at the last minute to find that perfect Valentine’s day gift. No need to worry, we have you covered. Well, our clients have […]

The most memorable and engaging online shopping experiences deliver more than just a simple listing of products. They provide a complete a complete, cross-platform system of content and context to create a compelling story about […]

The holiday sales have come and gone, the after-holiday returns and exchanges have been made, and now retailers have a few months to catch their collective breath before diving into the next big promotional period…right? […]

HTML5 has become increasingly important in cross-platform deployment of digital shopping experiences. Sure, you can see a published experience on an iPad, an Android phone, and a desktop computer; however, some of these devices cannot […]

“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.”  -Walt Disney   As with any project, online content is only […]

As digital catalogs, lookbooks, and interactive experiences as a whole are becoming more critical to a brand’s overall content marketing strategy, it is becoming more and more important to track and evaluate the performance of […]

Zmags launched a Webinar Series in early 2013 as part of a bigger Community Portal update.  The idea was to combine our industry knowledge with Platform capabilities to deliver relevant and accessible bi-weekly best practice […]

Zmags is honored to feature today’s guest post by Alexis Karlin. Alexis is the Digital Marketing & Operations Manager for Percussion Software where she uses her digital marketing techniques to help drive high quality leads […]


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