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ShopBAZAAR Provides a Contextual Shopping Experience

In 1867, Harper’s BAZAAR became America’s first fashion magazine. The magazine has now achieved another first with the launch of ShopBAZAAR, a breakthrough online store that allows the viewer to complete the purchase without leaving the magazine, closing the gap between seeing and buying. The readers, inspired by the items on display, can purchase in a fully integrated and seamless experience.

Harper's BAZAAR Online Interactive Catalog

Unlike conventional ecommerce stores where business managers decide what to sell, the editors of ShopBAZAAR handpick items for sale. This brings to life an authentic content-to-commerce preposition, allowing viewers to experience special one-of-a kind products inspired by editorial features and enjoy contextual shopping experience to the fullest. ShopBAZAAR showcases about 1000-1500 products at any given time, with global brands like Saks Fifth Avenue, Salvatore Ferragamo, Derek Lam, Hirshleifers, Les Nouvelles, and Donna Karan Cosmetics.

In March this year, Harper’s BAZAAR embarked on a brand transformation exercise that started with a redesign and culminated in ShopBAZAAR. The BAZAAR Book app provides the monthly mag-alogue and the contextual shopping experience to iPad users. also appears as a sub-domain of, accessible as a “Shopping” tab on the home page. A tab on the Harper’s BAZAAR Facebook page takes the users directly to the BAZAAR Book on The innovations are poised to continue, with Digimarc watermarks that allow readers to shop the pages using smart phones. Expect that in early 2013.

ShopBAZAAR was launched in collaboration with American Express. American Express card holders receive exclusive perks and benefits, including access to specially-produced pieces from key designers, special gifts and private shopping events.

Check out the full online shopping experience to get an idea of how BAZAAR has truly used digital publishing to their advantage.

Infographic: How We Consume Content From Brands

In the digital ages, the general population consumes content from many different sources, including blogs, whitepapers, webinars, podcasts, and so on. But how do people really consume this content?

Based on research we conducted, we found that 70% of US online consumers listen to the opinions published on blogs, reviews and discussion forums, and 32% of the people who listen to these opinions, trust those reviews over branded advertisements. But we’ve also found that device plays a big role in how people consume content; specifically, 63% of people use smart phones while they are in a store and 56% do product research. Are you mobile sites optimized for the best experience for your customer?

While this is only some of the data, we compiled an infographic that really tells that story of how people consume data from brands. What surprises you? What confirms what you already know?

Zmags How We Consume Content From Brands Infographic



Webinar: What Are Online Shoppers Really Looking For?

Want to know what online shoppers think about your online shopping experience? Why not ask them?

That’s what we did. With the help of a respected online research service, Zmags was able to “look over the shoulder” of shoppers as they navigated through an actual purchasing process using alternative e-commerce interfaces. Join us for this free webinar, and find out what they had to say.

Through this webinar you will learn how to:

  • What users are looking for in an online shopping experience whether on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone
  • What’s absolutely essential, and what’s just “nice to have”?
  • Why the details matter and why you need to pay attention to the needs and preferences of your particular audience
  • Are additional product recommendations helpful or do they just get in the way?
  • How important is sharing and social media in creating a positive online shopping experience?

Michele Pearl, VP of Customer Commerce at Zmags | ZmagsJoin us for this free webinar, co-sponsored by the DMA, on Thursday, August 23, at 2 p.m. EST for a great conversation with our VP of of Customer Experience, Michele Pearl.

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