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How Digital Catalogs Contribute to a Positive Brand Image

Brand image matters. Very often, it is the brand image, or the positive perception associated with the brand, that makes customers prefer it to competitor products.

This image or positive perception depends on not just the inherent quality of the product, but also on how the products are showcased to consumers.

Brands invest in high-end photography, glossy papers and high quality prints to position the products in the best possible manner through print catalogs. Digital catalogs allow such brands to replicate the success of print catalogs to the digital media at a fraction of the cost, and even expand on the strengths. However, mere replication of the print catalog rarely works.

To maintain (or increase) a positive brand image, the digital catalog needs to deliver an optimized yet consistent experience across multiple touch points, including tablets, smart phones and tablets.

Digital catalogs needs to highlight the product as close as possible to its natural form, with multiple views of the product, ability to zoom and do more, exploiting all other inherent features of the device. It needs to offer an immersive shopping experience that deepens the experience.

The digital catalog also needs to fuel purchasing at the spur of the moment. Integrating the shopping cart with the catalog allows the overawed consumer to buy the product without having to leave the catalog. Encouraging social sharing across Facebook, Twitter, PinInterest and other channels helps to spread the catalog across people with similar tastes.

An example of a brand that has applied all these is Brahmin. Brahmin, which takes its brand image seriously, features exclusive handbags that are both stylishly beautiful and functional. The new catalog powered by Zmags Commerce Pro and the new Verge experience has successfully transferred the positive brand image from the print catalog to the digital catalog.

How can you use digital catalogs to create a positive brand image?

Video-Enabled Zmags, Gangham Style

This blog post comes to you from Invodo‘s VP of Marketing, Russ Somers.

If you’re on the Web these days, you’ve probably heard of Gangnam Style by South Korean pop star PSY. The video now holds the record for the most “liked” video in history. Another big piece of news on the Web these days is that Invodo and Zmags have joined forces to bring you video-enabled interactive catalogs that represent a cutting-edge browsing and buying experience. What does that have in common with Gangnam Style? When I think about it, they have four things in common:

  1. Video-enabled digital catalog by Zmags and InvodoIt’s an experience. The first time you saw Gangnam Style you may have felt the way I did…a bit puzzled. But the energy and humor quickly brought a smile to my face. The first time a consumer encounters video while browsing a catalog, it may be a bit of a surprise as well. But it will be a pleasant surprise, as abundant research indicates that shoppers find video helpful in the shopping experience. So I expect it will bring a smile to their face as well.
  1. There’s more than meets the eye. On the surface, the song is an energetic pop trifle. However, the video is filled with sly humor. The locations and situations (sunbathing at a playground as though it were the beach, rapping on a toilet – yes, a toilet) are far from what you’d expect in a video paying tribute to Seoul’s trendiest district.

And there’s more than meets the eye to the Invodo/Zmags partnership as well. Invodo’s analytics platform delivers deep insight not just on who watches your videos, but on how they interact with the video and when they buy. Combined with Zmags’ robust analytics, joint clients will find themselves with a great deal of rich data to help them market more effectively.

  1. It will inspire imitation.  Gangnam Style has spawned its share of parodies, including some pretty funny ones (and one from MIT featuring a cameo from Noam Chomsky). In the same way, expect to see ecommerce sites striving to capture the browsing experience an interactive catalog with video delivers. But just as none of the parodies approach the original’s 500 million views, the deep integration between Invodo and Zmags will deliver a superior shopping experience.
  1. It’s everywhere. Yes, I said 500 million views, and it’s on track to become the first video to reach over one billion views by December, according to Forbes. (For perspective, that will displace Justin Bieber and other lesser talents). That’s a lot of laptops, tablets and phones all playing the same video. The combination of Zmags and Invodo is everywhere too, as the same rich browsing experience is delivered to your iPad or phone just as surely as it’s delivered to your desktop or laptop computer.

In the world of pop culture, it’s hard to know what will make a video go viral or spawn an Internet meme. However, in the world of shopping, a focus on customer experience is what it takes to make a hit. Invodo is proud to team of with Zmags to offer a cutting-edge shopping experience.