Increase order values
by up to 66%

Deliver inspiring in-store experiences across digital channels.

Extend your brand’s in-store appeal to the digital space. With Zmags digital publishing solutions, your customers can shop entire looks or collections, explore individual products in vivid detail, and experience your brand and merchandise in ways that inspire greater purchases.

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Boost page views by 5x

Delight your customers with riveting product stories.

Many of today’s digital marketing solutions are limited by static pages that fail to express the true essence of your brand to customers. Zmags tells your brand’s entire story with interactive rich media, engaging customers with immersive digital experiences via web, social, tablets, and smartphones.

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Reduce bounce rates by 83%

Reclaim your redirected shoppers.

Over 80% of your shoppers who are redirected to a cart page never return to the product section. Zmags digital catalog solutions seamlessly integrates the cart into the shopping experience, enabling your customers to add items and continue browsing uninterrupted.

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Double conversion rates

An optimized experience that converts.

Engage your customers with video and other rich media to deliver product showcases they’ll admire—experiences that inspire action. Enable readers to click, tap, scroll, and swipe through content anywhere in your Zmag for browsing that converts.

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Zmags Client Spotlight

Acura showcases the 2014 RLX with their sleek new interactive eBrochure

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One Face to the Customer, a Zmags sponsored report

Zmags and RSR team up for an evaluation of retailers and the effectiveness of their digital touchpoints.

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Zmags Digital Catalog/Magazine Benchmark Report: Q3 2013

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Partner Webinar: The Who, Why and How of Digital Experiences

Zmags and partner, Demandware share tips on preparing your digital experiences for today's consumer. Webinar

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Zmags Client Spotlight

Lenovo wins Customer Engagement Award from Retail TouchPoints for their tech-savvy digital catalog.

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